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Re, Charts for iPad, v. 2.0 how about a simple FAQ to explain stuff like the following.

Questions about EarthNC Charts for iPad, ver. 2.0 ($20)

How about putting together a simple document to explain all this stuff? Someone could write in 15 minutes enough tod save new users several hours.
1. How do you remove waypoints after you generate them?
2. How can you move a waypoint to exactly where you want to put it?
3. I presume the top icon is a button to find current location. Tap to make it green and it goes to your current location.
4. What is the sixth icon in the column, the one with the x in it?
5. Why does the program exit when I press the middle icon, the one with the space satellite or whatever it is?
6. When I click on a label to get details, it usually doesn't tell me much. How do I at least expand the title? Big Foot Slough Channel Dayb... is not very informative. Is this some kind of work in progress?
7. Now why did the sixth icon, the one with the x, disappear?
8. Sometimes I can fiddle with a waypoint long enough to somehow turn it red and then somehow get a menu to come up to allow me to save it or not. When I try to cancel, it just turns back to blue. What does it mean to save it or to Save and guide? I think save and guide makes it the destination. Right? What does saving it do? It seems to me it has already been saved, so this seems nonsensical. When I manage to get the menu up I can fiddle with the pin to get it to move, but it is quirky and not very controllable. Is that your intention? How do I get this functon to behave with stability?
9. Now I have found a waypoint that seems to be movable with a better degree of control. But when I saved it I ended up with two waypoints instead of one.

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