Trip Screen

The Trip Screen lets you create and save tracks, which can later be edited and exported. 

If you were recording a track in your last session, Marine Charts will automatically load it when you turn on the app.  In iOS 4.0 and higher, when you leave the app, it will continue to record unless you completely close the app via the iPad task bar (press the home button twice, press and hold the Marine Charts App icon, tap the minus sign to close the app).  Track recording uses the GPS even if the app isn't in view and will affect battery life.

1. New Track - If you are currently recording a track when you start a new one, it will be saved. You can edit the title of tracks via their details page in the Saved - Tracks menu.

3. On/Off - Turn the recorder on or off. By default, if you had these switches on when you turn the app off, they will be on again when you turn the app on again.

Explanation of Statistics

  • Distance - total distance traveled
  • Average Speed - Your average speed while recording the track
  • Moving Speed - Your average moving speed, basically your average speed excluding any times you stopped
  • Current Speed - Your speed right this second
  • Total Time - Total time elapsed
  • Moving Time - Time elapsed while moving
  • Stopped Time - Time elapsed while stopped 
  • Pace - The inverse of speed, a metric often used by runners.
  • Sunrise/Sunset - The times, give or take a few minutes, for the sunrise/sunset at your location.

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