Points of Interest (POIs) Screen

The POIs Screen gives you information about the waters around you and allows you to search for places, tides, and weather.  You can browse through thousands of Anchorages, Marinas, Bridges and more provided by Cruisersnet.net, Marinalife, and Waterway Guide.  

Marine Charts also allows you to instantly get the latest updates from Tide and Weather buoys around the United States, as well as browse popular points of interest for boaters.  

These waypoints also display on the map - each time you pan or zoom the map if EarthNC Waypoints is enabled in the Map Layers menu, Marine Charts fetches waypoints from the internet.  Clicking on a waypoint on the map will display the same information as clicking on a waypoint in the POI table.  

1. Change premium search provider - Click the wrench icon to choose which data provider you would like to browse.  You can chose from CruisersNet.net, Marinalife, and Waterway Guide.

2. Search near me - Press this button to find information about your current location.

3. Search near map - Press this button to find information about the area you are currently viewing on the map.

4. Text search - if you know the name of a particular waypoint you can search for it here. The search will focus on the map center, or your location, depending on which of the top search buttons you last used. It defaults to map center.

5. Search results - Click a particular search result to see more information about that item and to see its location on the map.  

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