Saved Screen

The Saved Screen is where you can view and export your saved tracks, waypoints, and maps. 

You can display any of your saved things on the map, guide to waypoints and along tracks, resume recording tracks, and export your data via email.

1. Switch table type - Your saved data is broken up into three tables that you can toggle between using the top buttons: 1) Tracks 2) Waypoints and 3) Maps.

2. Mass export/delete - This button displays export and delete options for the currently selected table. For example, if you are looking at the Tracks table, you can export or delete all tracks via this menu. This menu also displays an "Export Everything" button, which lets you export all of your tracks and waypoints in one batch.

3. Table information - Click a row in the table to bring up the detail screen for the item. Detail screens allow you to:

  • Get guidance to waypoints and along tracks
  • Display waypoints or tracks on the map
  • View statistics for a track (click the mini-map to reveal the stats)
  • Load and center on a saved map 

Other Notes:

  • When you import a GPX file, the track will be placed under your track list, and the waypoints from the track will go in your waypoints list. If you load a track to display on the map, all of its waypoints will show up as well.

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