Map Screen

1. Home Button - Tap to go to the Main App Menu

2. Current Map Source - Shows the currently selected base map name, you can tap this to switch between map types

3, Refresh Map - Refreshes the map tiles of the currently displayed map (requires connection)

4. GPS Status - A Satellite icon is shown when GPS is enabled 

5. Lock on my location - When this button is lit up, the map will stay centered on your location.  If you drag the map, the location lock with automatically disable.

6. Mark waypoint - Summons the dialog to drop a pin and place it on the map.  Drop Pin adds a pin at the current map center.  Drop Pin Near Me and Save Location drop a pin on your current location (if you have a good GPS lock).  In each mode, you can drag the pin to adjust it's location or adjust the lat/lon values in the Waypoint dialog box at the top of the screen.  In the dialog, you can also change the Waypoints name.  When finished, hit the Disk icon to save the waypoint to your Saved places list.

7. More Options includes:


  • Enable/Disable Waypoints - This button toggles visbility of user waypoints on the map
  • Map Types - Shows a menu that will let you switch between map types (road, topo, marine)
  • Show/Hide POI's - This button toggles visibility of EarthNC Points of Interest such as buoys, markers, and marina information
  • Offline Mode - Put the App in Offline mode.  In this mode, the app will use your saved maps as tile sources and not attempt to download tiles.  Switch back to online mode when in cell or WIFI coverage for automatic map downloading. 


8. Hide controls - These tabs let you hide controls on the map. They show up after you touch the map, and they disappear after a couple seconds if you don't interact with the map.

9. Guide to Waypoint - After you save a waypoint, you can get guidance to that waypoint from the details screen for the waypoint (main menu->Saved).  

10. Where you are - The arrow on the map shows where you are and which direction you are currently heading. It points straight up until you start moving.

11. Position - After you get a GPS signal, your position will display at the bottom of the map. You can hide these displays similarly to the Lock button.

12. Guide to Waypoint - After you save a waypoint, you can get guidance to that waypoint from the details screen for the waypoint (main menu->Saved). 


Menu Button Options on the Map Screen:

1. Search - search for a town name or zip code to quickly jump the map to that location

2. Record Track - Start / Stop track recording

3. My Location - Jump map to your current GPS location

4. Download Map - Activate the Map Download menu, highlight the area and max zoom you'd like to download and save maps for offline use.  Saved maps can be up to 30,000 tiles.   For best results, download map areas when connected to WIFI or strong 3G signals.  Large map areas can be 100's of megabytes so be careful downloading over 3G if you have a limited data plan. 


You can also turn your phone sideways for a landscape view.

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