Map Download Screen

The map download screen (accessible from the main menu) lets you select areas of maps to download for times when you don't have an internet or cell connection.

1. Download size - This label will show you the total number of tiles and megabytes of your currently selected area. For most map types, you can download up to 30,000 tiles at a time.

2. Zoom range - Use this slider to select the max zoom level to download - the tool will download all zoom levels up to the value you specify. Keep in mind that each zoom level contains about 2 times as much data as the previous level, so you can cover a lot more area if you omit the highest zoom levels.

3. Select area - Drag your finger to select an area to download.

4. Save to finish - After you have selected the area and zoom levels you want, press Save and the map download will begin. You can check the status of the download or view a saved map by selecting Saved Maps from the main menu.

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