Recording Tracks

Track recording can be enabled/disabled from:

1. The Home Menu

2. The Menu button on the Map

When finished, disable track recording using any of the options above.  The app will create a default name for the track with the current date and time.  You can edit this before saving or change it later in the Saved Tracks menu.

While recording, or with a saved track loaded into the map, you can access track statistics by tapping on the graph and clock arrows just above the map zoom buttons.  If these are not in view, tap just above the map zoom buttons and they will appear. 

The clock arrow will show aggregate statistics about the track.  If you are recording, these will change in real time. 

The graph arrow presents a graph of speed over distance for the current track.

Tracks will continue to record if you background the app by pressing the Home button and using other apps.  During recording, the GPS is used so battery life will be shorter than normal.

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