Via the main menu, you can get to the Settings screen:


  • Units - You can set the app to work in metric or imperial units.
  • Distance - Choose nautical or standard.
  • Coordinate Type - Defaults to degrees, decimal minutes. Choose from five types.
  • Compass - Show or hide the compass display on the map.
  • Auto Waypoints  - Show user waypoints as the map moves
  • Map source - By default, Marine Charts displays EarthNC NOAA raster charts. You can also switch to MyTopo and OpenStreetMap.
  • Clear cache - This selection will clear your automatic cache. Marine Charts automatically saves the last 800 map tiles you have viewed to disk, so they can be viewed while offline. This is separate from the mass download map caching functionality.
  • Min time between points - How often should the track recorder save a point?  This setting interacts with the Min Distance setting below. For most applications, it is best to record based on distance rather than time.
  • Min Distance between points -  Set to 5m by default, this ensures that detailed tracks are recorded without using large ammounts of memory
  • Minimum Accuracy - The app estimates your GPS accuracy via a combination of methods.  This setting disables track recording when accuracy is poor (set to 200m by default)
  • Signal Sampling Frequency - This determines how often the app checks GPS and cell signal strength

Advanced Settings
  • Debug application - If you are ever having trouble with the app, you could turn this on so the app will generate more complete logs, which you can then send to us using the next setting.
  • Send logs - Use this to send the developers your software logs. We would really appreciate it if you send us these if you ever have a crash.
  • Reset Application - You can use this to reset the app to its default state, and erase all of your saved data.

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